Since the arrival of Fit4Mom here in our local community of Niceville, FL, I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Body Back program. With my kiddos now in the pre-teen ages the other programs Fit4Mom offered just didn’t cut it for me. I love what Fit4Mom is all about and was looking for support and camaraderie, so when franchise owner, April Dokianos, contacted me and mentioned that the program was finally here I was like, HECK YES! Sign me up, friend!

For months I had been waiting and when we all gathered together that first night at Lion’s Park I was full of anticipation, excitement, and fear. Standing there right by the water’s edge with a group of women I had never met before my mind started with the inner dialogue of all sorts of questions. What was I to expect? How out of shape am I? Am I dressed appropriately? Do I have enough water? Am I going to die? Yes, I know. I think too much. It’s safe to say we all know the answer to that last question!


So what exactly is Body Back? It is an 8-week transformation program that targets your overall health and well being. This is done through the strengthening of not only your body but your mind. It begins with pre-fitness assessments so you are able to monitor your progress throughout your journey. There are two hour-long HIITs (High-Intensity Interval Training) per week, including various online workouts for you to do at home (or wherever you like, really) on the other days. Also included is a meal plan that is highly encouraged, as it focuses on healthier eating habits and a community Facebook page where we could turn to for support & encouragement. I soon learned that this would not only be a workout but total reset in lifestyle, which I accepted with arms wide open.

Our coach for our session was Alyssa. She was wonderful and she did not mess around! I found her to embody the right amount of tenderness and grit. We received most of our information, workouts, challenges etc. from her and through our group’s Facebook page. I really enjoyed her presence not only at our HIITs but in the online group as well. There was always something motivating, positive, and inspiring coming from her and of course our reminders to get our daily food diaries and water challenges done. If it wasn’t for her encouragement, I don’t think I would have made it through some of the HIITs!

To give you a better idea of what a HIIT workout consisted of I’ll give you the deets of our preview class. During this class, Alyssa explained that the workouts consisted of circuits and stations. She talked us through what we would expect and demonstrated each of the exercises. We would first do circuits that consisted of 1 min at each station then we would rotate. We would have 15 seconds between each station and we would go around until each station was complete and then rest for 2 min. We would then continue on that for a second round of 45 seconds at each station.

Now you are probably thinking. A minute? 45 seconds? Psshhh… I can do that! And truth be told, we all could. But after a few stations, we were definitely feeling it! Pair these exercises with our environment (it was really hot and humid those first few weeks), you got some good body conditioning going on. Not too long into our second round, I was sweating big time! I hardly ever sweat that much!!!

The first exercises were:



Kick Butt

Overhead Press


Fast Feet

The second round of exercises:

High Knees


Side Crunch


Donkey Kick

Sit Ups


Then we went on to do some light ab work. OMGoodness! No joke. Remember that question I asked previously, about whether or not I was in shape? I clearly was not!

Being a person who is a huge advocate for mind & spiritual growth I was particularly delighted by the closing of our HIIT workouts, and not because our butt kicking was over. At the end of our HIITs, we would lay on our mats and end our workout with a nice little meditation. Breathing, relaxation, mindfulness, affirmations…All that was missing on my end was some essential oils!! I found it to be the perfect way to get our heart rates down and reflect on what we had just accomplished.


GROUP SETTING I don’t know about you but I tend to do better in group settings. If I’m going to be completely honest, I’m the worst at motivating myself. Seriously. I’ve always found more success in group workouts or when I have a trainer. Lucky for me, Body Back had both. Also, did you know that group exercises are good for you? According to a study published in the Journal of Social Sciences, participants gravitate toward the exercise behaviors of those around them. When you see others in action it is really motivating for you to push yourself to your limits.

DIVERSE WORKOUTS I loved that every workout was different. The excitement of the something new was always there so there was no space for boredom. It also pushed our bodies more by focusing on the different workouts each day.

ACCOUNTABILITY AND SUPPORT  Knowing that there are others going through this same journey as you made me want to attend our bi-weekly gatherings. Plus, I didn’t want to look like the slacker girl who wasn’t pulling my weight. Even though I know no one was thinking that I felt like we were all in this together and didn’t want to let anyone down.  

Speaking of being it in together… There was one gal, Haley, in our group who was great a cheering people on. Talk about external motivation! One night we had a workout that was intense. Haley was not only there killing her workout but she was there motivating us, cheering us on, and giving high fives. I mean, it was pretty awesome. And it wasn’t just her, I felt that love from a few others. It’s how it should be; women supporting each other, being each other’s biggest cheerleaders! Amiright?!


I’m gonna be real here… this takes work. If you are seeking results then this is the program for you, but you have to put in the work. The wonderful thing is you have the support, community & guidance needed to get that work done. In addition to all that there is also the flexibility of the program with all of the online resources available to you. I’ve done many different workouts in my adult life and I can honestly say that this is one of the best ones I’ve joined and experienced.

I can’t sing this program’s praises enough. It really is something special, and it’s not just limited to moms. What?!! I don’t have to be a mom? Nope! That’s another great thing about Body Back, you don’t have to be a mom to participate. In fact, there were several ladies in our group who weren’t moms. One was a teacher who had gone through the program once before and returned because of the amazing results she had from going through it the first time.

But seriously, through this program, I realized that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was. Once I got control of my mind, it was amazing at what my body could do. And surrounded by a tribe of women seeking some of the same health goals as I cheering me on…cheering each other on…it was great to witness such a beautiful display of sisterhood through a transformational workout program.

Strength, supportive, encouraging, challenging, transformational, camaraderie…I’m happy to say I found a program that fully embodied who I wanted to be, not only as a person but as a mother.


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