I watched a video on Facebook today that really struck me, right in my heart. It also went along with part of the conversation I had with my friend, Amy, yesterday. 

Maybe you’ve seen it make its rounds? The speaker talks about how every day we need to dress for a party. What if we only had “X” amount of time left on this earth? How would we live our lives? When Adri died I spent a lot of time reflecting on life and what is important. I also asked myself a lot of questions like, why do I wait to do anything? Why do we hold off on doing the things we love? What would happen if I just did things according on my own terms? In the thick of all that I reacted from a very different space. I almost forgot.

I turned 39 last month and I vowed to myself to do all the things that bring me joy. That thing I’ve been wanting to do. I’m gonna do it. Curious about something? I’m gonna give it a shot. One thing I have been curious about is how all those fashion Instagrammers look so, well…fashionable? I’m jeans and t-shirt kind of lady. But some days I want to mix it up a bit and looking at all these fashion bloggers inspire me to look my best. I want to leave the house cute all the time! Yet, I usually find myself stuck in my closet looking at things thinking, ‘I don’t have anything to wear!’ Can anyone else relate?

Cue my fashionista friend, Amy. She recently started an Instagram account where she shows how she restyles the items she has in her closet. So right up my alley! Because here’s the other thing – I’m not a big shopper. In fact, sometimes I feel mom guilt for shopping for myself instead of the kids. Seriously, I have to have this whole internal dialogue of how I birthed them so I DESERVE this to make it feel ok. So not ok. But nevertheless, it is true, and I’ll bet the rest of my money in my savings account (it’s not much, sorry) that other moms feel this way too. Anyway, I reached out to my friend Amy to help me style a few things in my closet and in the process I learned so much more. I won’t go into all of it, but it was definitely what I needed and it inspired me to really change my attitude towards the clothes in my closet and even shopping for myself. The three looks in the photo above are me giving this whole fashion thing a go. The idea, to restyle one item (the skirt, obvi) three different ways to show how versatile it was. Two of those stylings were my friend’s suggestions. The challenge, take photos of the outfits and put them on Instagram. That’s the cool thing to do anyway, right?!

Challenge accepted! However – Truth be told, I was going to wait to start on this. Procrastination is something I am really, really good at! Ha! But I watched that video today and thought to myself, why wait? And in the spirit of new things, the New Year, and the releasing with the New Moon, I’m leaving that narrative of being a procrastinator behind. I’m not a procrastinator! I am a go-getter! So here I am in my versatile skirt with its three different looks. And while I don’t think I’ve fully embodied my style with any of these looks, it was pretty fun. I felt pretty!! A huge thanks to my dear friend, Amy, for all her pairing recommendations.

I know out of the three, my most favorite look is #2. Which one do you like best?

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