Today I noticed the number 4. Everywhere I went the number four was waving his little hands at me. “Hey take notice!” Don’t worry, I do! More often than not though, I see repetitive numbers. Have you ever wondered what it meant to see repeating numbers as you go about your day? You glance at the clock. 11:11. You are driving down the highway. 55mph. You notice an address on the side of the street 8888 Tennessee Ct. A local billboard that has been in your town for forever is just now catching your eye and it has the numbers 444.

What Does This All Mean?!

There are different directions to go when it comes to numbers and repetitive numbers. Numerology, Life Path numbers, Angel meanings, just to name a few. To narrow it down, and what I tend to focus on the most, is what type of energy the number holds and Angel meanings. However, I find it all so very interesting. How many of you have ever explored numerology? How many of you know what numerology is? Well, according to Wikipedia, Numerology “is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.” A good online source I like to go for all things numerology is  But for the focus of this blog post, the relationship I talk about in the next paragraph is the one with Angels. My main person, and friend, is Gina Nicole. Another source I trust for all my Angel knowledge is Ask-Angels.

The Angels Are Speaking to You

No seriously, they are. Nothing in this world is a coincidence. It is all synchronistic, and truly, you are noticing these things for a reason. The Angels are trying to grab your attention. They want you to take notice and be aware. They are also probably nudging you to take action. But the main reason they are giving you signs – to remind you that you are not alone, that you are loved. That they are there for you to call on. So go on, call on them, they are ready to help guide and provide for you!

So what can you do when you see these numbers? First off, take a deep breathe and offer your thanks. “Thank you, Angels, for the beautiful sign.” Angels enjoy the recognition every now and then. At least, that’s what they have told me! And while we can explore this topic and subject in great detail, I will go over simply & briefly what each number represents to me and how I use it to help guide and support me. Maybe it will resonate with you for you to use in your daily life. But as I was taught, and will continue to share wholeheartedly, there are NO RULES. Feel into what these numbers represent and mean to YOU.


Just to reiterate, the following is how I interpret these numbers in the simplest of ways. Also, to clarify, I focus more on a singular meaning when I see the same single number over and over. If I keep seeing the same numbers in a repetitive sequence, I also know the Angels are really giving me the sign to take action!

1- I AM presence. Divine connection. Manifestation! Visually I think of my energy connection, a beam of light, to the Divine and to my higher self.

2 – Partnership. The duality of self. It also signifies that our Angels are very near to us and they are ready to assist.

3 – Connection & Growth. It also symbolizes the beginning of good things to come or at least new beginnings. I also associate it with union and unity and how it can also relate to the Holy Trinity. On a visual level, I immediately think of the number 8. 8 is significant to me because of my brother, so aligned with that, I see the 3 as one side of a pair of wings and think of spirit. This connects for me with the Holy Trinity and the Holy Spirit. 

4 – Represents balance, perhaps even an unbalance. Take a minute and tune in. How do you feel? This is a sign to get grounded into one’s space. This also signifies that a decision needs to be made. Perhaps you are at a crossroads of some sort? Visually the 4 reminds me of crossroads and that imbalance. Make a decision to choose which path to walk at that given time.

5 -CHANGES. When I see the number 5, I know things are shifting. Repeating 5’s? Big changes, my friend! Tune in and get grounded!

6 – Who else grew up with the narrative that sixes are bad? Especially 666? These days I am delighted to see a 6. The number 6 to me is reminding me to take notice and pause. It also represents two things coming together to create, continuing those changes that have recently presented itself.

7 – Level UP!!! This number reminds me that some serious up-leveling is happening and that the Angels are taking notice too. It’s their way of saying, I see you and you are amazing! With that said, it is a reminder to also be ready for the big up-leveling one is destined for.

8 – The number eight is a very special number to me indeed. It holds the energy of an ending and a beginning. Infinity! It very much represents spirit to me and the action that we know is going on, but cannot physically see.

9 – Moving forward. The continuation of what you’ve already started. Clearing out and making way for the new. Visually it reminds me of a flower, as it starts to grow and lift its bud and petals, releasing that which doesn’t serve it to blossom into something even more beautiful.

0 – Continuation. Coming full circle. Never ending. It reminds me that we are all connected and whole. Visually I think of a ring or a circle. I know a few people who also visually related it to an egg, and an egg to me represents life and rebirth, which is all part of the cycle.

Again, this is all just a short explanation of what numbers are for me. For those of you into numerology and Angel meanings. What do these numbers signify and represent for you?