I would love to walk alongside you and help guide you on your own path of spirituality and wellness.

Hey friend! So happy to connect. My name is Chrisnelle Joie and I currently live in the beautiful panhandle of Florida, with my family. 

I am a Keeper of Frequency and an Intuitive Energy Healer. My purpose and passion are to help others. I guide empathic individuals through challenging times with energetic healing techniques & tools and spiritual development. My hope is that with intuitive guidance you awaken to the Divine around you, with an awareness that you are able to explore the full potential of your true being and know that healing begins within you. How do I know this? I’ve been there myself, and you can read more about that here.

In addition to my purpose & passion, I love sharing about health & wellness, clean living & eating, travel, and life. You can find me most days at home but if the sun is out then you can find me out in nature taking a walk outside, talking to the trees and birds, or at the beach with my toes in the sand.


Chrisnelle Joie Young has been connected to the spiritual world ever since she was a young child. Through intense anxiety, insecurity, and health issues in her teens and 20’s, relationship challenges and the loss of her brother in her 30’s, she has relied on her own personal relationship with God and leaned into her spirituality to help see her through the difficult & challenging times.

Having spent many years developing her intuition and learning that she holds the key to her own healing, she is committed to helping others realize the same. Intentional & dedicated with the work, she wants everyone to realize that with their intentions they too can find the connection they are so desperately seeking and they can do this in a fun, easy, straightforward way.

With her work, you can rest assured that she sees things through with LOVE and integrity. Being certified by the American Council of Holistic Healers and The World Metaphysical Association reaffirms her ethical values as she walks alongside you on your journey.

*Chrisnelle Joie is a lifelong learner and continues to work on her spiritual growth & development with trusted mentors & teachers. She is a certified Tarot & Angel Practitioner™, CARE ™ Raindrop & Vitaflex Facilitator, Reiki practitioner, and 200HR Certified Yoga Instructor.