About Me

Hey there! So happy to meet you. My name is Chrisnelle. Most of my friends call me Joie. I currently live in Niceville, which is located in the beautiful panhandle of Florida, with my family. A military brat, I was born here in this area and have lived here on and off for most of my life. 

I am a spiritual advisor and certified RYEE Angel & Tarot practitioner. One of my passions in life is to help others realize the full potential of their being and that healing begins with them. You have all the tools needed to heal yourself. The true potential lies within you and I love walking alongside and helping guide others to their own awakening.

As I help guide you in this process, you can be rest assured that I do all this through LOVE and with integrity. Being certified by the American Council of Holistic Healers and The World Metaphysical Association reaffirms my ethical values as I walk alongside you during your journey.

Young Living

Young Living is just one way to help the healing process. I was first introduced to Young Living oils 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. To make a long story short- I loved essential oils and I found myself being guided to back to Young Living through serendipitous circumstances. I eventually made my way back to Young Living about a two years ago and now here we are! As stewards of this Earth and advocates for our own health & wellness, I trust Young Living and find that it aligns with my family’s values & beliefs. I also know that I’m using the best of the best, and I know all this from walking through the farm in Utah and because of their Seed to Seal promise. If you’re curious as to my ‘WHY’ then I invite you to read a little about that here.


Please be aware that some of my posts within my blog contain affiliate links, and when you click on these links I may receive compensation. Thank you.