One of the first things I encourage people to do when they get their oils is make an essential oil roller. Surprisingly, it is one of the things people are nervous about doing. They are not quite sure what to do and are afraid they will mess it up, which I don’t think is possible. However, there are some oils I would rather NOT pair together. Even so, you can’t really mess it up, and in fact, having rollers are an easy way to travel with your oils and more importantly, they are super easy to make!

Let’s Roll

Essential Oil Rollers
Carrier Oil
Essential Oil

For this post, I decided to use make a small 5ml “Chill” roller. The two oils I used were Stress Away and Lavender. For the carrier oil, I chose Young Living’s V-6. You can use whichever oil you prefer. I use coconut oil a lot in our home but I also really like olive oil and rosehip oil, depending on where I’m applying the oil. 

I decided to roll (pun intended) with a 5ml roller ball that I could attach to the inside of my bag. I bought them off Amazon and buy most of my oil supplies from there, mainly because it is convenient. They came with a nifty little bottle opener and some tiny funnels to help fill them up, but most of the time I don’t even use them. The roller tops are usually super easy to get on and off. Although, be cautious when putting the roller top back on. You don’t want to push on the ball itself. That could cause it to leak. 

So first thing, I gather up all my supplies. I add my oils into the bottle (do whatever you like, I think I did three (3) of each oil), then I add the carrier oil (up to below where you screw the cover), pop the top back on, and screw the cover on. Voila!


Yes, my friend. That is it. Easy. Peasy. Now go! Go make some rollers of your own. What combinations are you excited to try?

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I watched a video on Facebook today that really struck me, right in my heart. It also went along with part of the conversation I had with my friend, Amy, yesterday. 

Maybe you’ve seen it make its rounds? The speaker talks about how every day we need to dress for a party. What if we only had “X” amount of time left on this earth? How would we live our lives? When Adri died I spent a lot of time reflecting on life and what is important. I also asked myself a lot of questions like, why do I wait to do anything? Why do we hold off on doing the things we love? What would happen if I just did things according on my own terms? In the thick of all that I reacted from a very different space. I almost forgot.

I turned 39 last month and I vowed to myself to do all the things that bring me joy. That thing I’ve been wanting to do. I’m gonna do it. Curious about something? I’m gonna give it a shot. One thing I have been curious about is how all those fashion Instagrammers look so, well…fashionable? I’m jeans and t-shirt kind of lady. But some days I want to mix it up a bit and looking at all these fashion bloggers inspire me to look my best. I want to leave the house cute all the time! Yet, I usually find myself stuck in my closet looking at things thinking, ‘I don’t have anything to wear!’ Can anyone else relate?

Cue my fashionista friend, Amy. She recently started an Instagram account where she shows how she restyles the items she has in her closet. So right up my alley! Because here’s the other thing – I’m not a big shopper. In fact, sometimes I feel mom guilt for shopping for myself instead of the kids. Seriously, I have to have this whole internal dialogue of how I birthed them so I DESERVE this to make it feel ok. So not ok. But nevertheless, it is true, and I’ll bet the rest of my money in my savings account (it’s not much, sorry) that other moms feel this way too. Anyway, I reached out to my friend Amy to help me style a few things in my closet and in the process I learned so much more. I won’t go into all of it, but it was definitely what I needed and it inspired me to really change my attitude towards the clothes in my closet and even shopping for myself. The three looks in the photo above are me giving this whole fashion thing a go. The idea, to restyle one item (the skirt, obvi) three different ways to show how versatile it was. Two of those stylings were my friend’s suggestions. The challenge, take photos of the outfits and put them on Instagram. That’s the cool thing to do anyway, right?!

Challenge accepted! However – Truth be told, I was going to wait to start on this. Procrastination is something I am really, really good at! Ha! But I watched that video today and thought to myself, why wait? And in the spirit of new things, the New Year, and the releasing with the New Moon, I’m leaving that narrative of being a procrastinator behind. I’m not a procrastinator! I am a go-getter! So here I am in my versatile skirt with its three different looks. And while I don’t think I’ve fully embodied my style with any of these looks, it was pretty fun. I felt pretty!! A huge thanks to my dear friend, Amy, for all her pairing recommendations.

I know out of the three, my most favorite look is #2. Which one do you like best?

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Resolution or Intention

I’m not big on the whole resolution thing. I know, I know… resolution and intention pretty much mean the same thing, but for me, an intention seems less daunting. Also, when I think of the word resolution the first thing that comes to mind is resolving something. What could I possibly need to resolve at the beginning of a new year? I find it a little counteractive in terms of planning for a new year. I’m already doing a bit of reflecting, I don’t want to spend too much of my time in the past gearing up for the future. I’m not sure if that even makes sense really, but in my mind it does, so just humor me and go along with my thought process. Please and thank you!

The older I get, the more I realize that everything is a learning experience where hopefully I’ve grown from my experiences. Therein lies the shift of thought for me; instead of resolving something, I’m intending to do some new things and continue on improving on some things I’ve already started. I wrote down quite a bit in my meditation this morning, but I thought it would be fun to share a few of them here with you. So without further ado…

My 2019 Intentions

  • BLOG MORE – My desire to write and share often comes at the most inopportune times. Times where I feel like the thoughts and ideas just need to just come out but I have no means to do so. This causes me to freak out a bit because my memory these days aren’t what they used to be. I need to jot these bursts of thoughts down, record it in my voice memo, type it in my notes… put it somewhere! I often feel that if I don’t save the first few ideas down, the things I have to share aren’t so good. The good stuff should come easily, right? It is my intention going forward to not make excuses on why I can’t share. Get over the fear of what people may think and my own self-judgment and just say, eff it, and post anyway. And since I mentioned judgment, my next intention is…
  • JUDGE LESS – I hate to admit it, but my inner judge Judy pops outta nowhere sometimes and it makes me sad. She’s much sassier and snarkier than the real judge Judy and can be a complete bitch. It’s an ongoing work in progress with my shadow side to put her in her place. Because who am I to judge? Who are any of us, really? But I am human and certain events & people in my life conditioned me to react in a certain way, so, unfortunately, it happens sometimes. Happy to say that I now realize it quickly and can take a few steps back, but still. There’s no need for that. And it’s an ugly place to be and come from. Love is the only thing I wish to bestow upon others. Not my skewed view/opinion.
  • TRAVEL MORE MINDFULLY – I traveled a lot last year. It was one of my intentions going into 2018. I put out into the universe and we made it happen. I love it so much! Looking back at all my photos over the past year made me realize how extremely blessed I am. But in those travels, I didn’t prepare for a couple of big trips at the end of the year I wanted to take. So the intention for next year, more mindful travel. Saving up for two bigger trips. After all, I’m on my way to 40. Gotta celebrate big when that day comes. Right?!
  • INTEGRATION – As someone who follows all these spiritual social media accounts, I often wonder how many of the spiritual advisors/mentors I see actually do the shit they say. (For the record, the ones I know who do and share with integrity are the ones I turn to for my own development.) I wonder this because of my own personal journey and how there is so much I don’t share because I’m really mindful of trying to remain in the moment. There are times when that doesn’t call for a photo opp to later be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And don’t get me wrong, I too myself do this occasionally. But what I’m getting at is when I do, I’m not fully present. I’m not integrating. And I really want to integrate all that I share. The things I’m wishing not only for myself but for others. Do many others feel the same? Hopefully so. However, I realize social media is a beast and sometimes people talk the talk without walking the walk. I hope to not get so sucked in by the beast. I was put on this earth to lead and help. So I’m here to do the work. Not just wear my mala and post cute photos of my tarot card and call it a day. And if you are one of those people who do that – you do you.
  • Which leads me to this…HONESTY. I hope I’m not coming across the wrong way. That certainly isn’t my intention. (Although, while proofreading it does sound a bit judgy. Le sigh…) But I am speaking from my heart and being honest. I definitely want to do more of that this year, be more honest. Honest with others, myself, my thoughts… honesty all across the board.
  • BOUNDARIES – I’ve already set up so many healthy boundaries for myself, but I want to take it a bit further. There are people in my life who are total energy suckers. I can’t give in to that anymore. There are also those who I’ve genuinely tried to build connections with and for whatever reason have not respected my time. I don’t have time for that either! I’m going to be pickier when it comes to how and with who I spend my time and energy this year.
  • GET ORGANIZED WITH MY BUSINESS – In my role as an educator with Young Living and with moving forward as a spiritual advisor, I plan on getting things done. This means I need to get myself super organized! This also means I need to spend more time using social media for work and IPAs, and not waste my time mindlessly scrolling. A BEAST I tell you!!
  • BALANCE – That’s my overall theme for this year. It came to me many times in meditation over the past few weeks. At first, when the word popped up I was like, that can’t be it, balance is just an excuse, right? Plus, I wanted something a little fancier! However, I’m not fancy and simple is another theme in life that has presented itself so balance it is. Balance in all areas of my life and within myself. And it is so!

So these are just a few of my intentions for 2019. I feel really good about it all. I feel really good about 2019! Anyone else excited for the upcoming year? What intentions have you set for yourself?

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How many of you have heard of IV Therapy? I didn’t really know too much about it until the other day when it completely changed the course of my health for the better.

Now I know there are some debates as to whether or not this type of therapy really helps, and I’m not looking to get into any hard core debates over this. For one, I’m not a medical professional, so anything I write is truly my opinion and it comes from my own research and my experience. I trust the medical professionals who have explained how this therapy works, and even more so have found it to be to so beneficial for me.

So let me preface this experience with a little backstory. Some of you may know, but for those of you who don’t, I have ulcerative colitis. I was diagnosed about 16 years ago when I was 23yrs old. When I was diagnosed I was literally on my death bed the day I was finally admitted into the hospital. I had two blood transfusions and had to stay there for 5 days to get myself back to where I was no longer in the danger zone. It was a super scary time for me. These days I now know the signs of when a flare is reaching the point of needing serious help. This is where I was at the day I made my appointment for a Hydration Therapy IV at Enhance IV Spa in the Foundations Medical Center over in Destin.

I made my appointment on a Thursday and went the following day. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. The space is so inviting and relaxing, right off the bat I had such a good feeling about this. After filling out the paperwork and looking over the menu of services one last time, the nurse got me set up with the IV. The one I had chosen was called, Hydration Enhance, which is a combination of fluids, vitamins, and electrolytes. I sat in the coziest chair for about 45 minutes as this concoction entered my body. While I was there I chatted with the nurse for a bit how I had read that this type of therapy was good for me because this would all go straight into my body without me having to worry about worsening my stomach issues, and not only that, but that I would get the fluids my body so desperately needed after months (and a REALLY bad week) of flaring up.

Just so you get a better idea, I had lost 10LBS in a week, ( A WEEK!), right before going in because I was constantly going to the bathroom. To be honest, it’s still a bit uncomfortable to talk about my colitis sometimes, although I’m getting better, but if you really want to know what have UC entails click here. 

So I get this IV and as I’m sitting there I notice a sign that says if I check in on Facebook while I’m there I can receive 10% off my service, so naturally I do. Who doesn’t want a good discount?! So make sure that if you go, check in!

Nothing too exciting happens after receiving the IV. The nurse took the needle out and got me all bandaged up and then I went out into the lobby to pay. However, as the day continued I just felt that I had more energy. I felt really really good. I actually ran a few errands around Destin and had no issues. Woo-hoo! The first time in months I didn’t have to run to the bathroom every 30 minutes. I could have cried, and I probably almost did, I was that amazed and happy. I slept so sound that night and could feel my body had some basic nutrients that it was severely lacking. I felt so amazing!!

I’m looking to book an appointment in the medical center in the new year and I hope it all works out. Insurance issues! After years of having to deal with my UC, I feel a glimmer of hope with the services that Foundations Medical Center and Enhance IV Spa provides. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to go to the doctor’s office in my life! If you are in the Destin/Niceville/Fort Walton Beach area and in need of some vitamins, I suggest you look this place up. You can thank me later!

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What if I do all the things that bring me joy? All the things I’ve still been holding back on, what if I just did them?! Seriously. What if we all just totally switched up what we did and just lived our lives the way we really wanted?

This, in a nutshell, is the general thought I’ve been having the past few days. As I begin my 39th year and journey towards the fantastic forties, the thought occurred to me that I should do all the things I’ve been wanting to do and document it. In part to hold myself accountable by sharing, but also to see the progress I may or may not make during the year.

As I sat in my room the other day reflecting on how much my life has changed and in which areas it has remained the same got my mind spinning. I was really excited to turn 30. I had so many BIG plans. Honestly, I experienced so many wonderful things in my 30’s, however, I’ve still held back with so much. Why is that? How is it that I get so comfortable and complacent? It’s one of the things I put up a big fuss over, and yet here we are. The same. It sorta feels like groundhog day…

Can anyone else relate? Who else is searching for more meaning in their life? Who else is yearning for that something more? Knowing that you are meant for bigger and better things. To give. To help. To heal. To live this life with so much adventure and love!

What is it that holds you back? Why do we make excuses for ourselves instead of living in the moment and living our best lives? Fear. Let’s not let fear run this show. Truly. Let’s not just talk about it not running the show, but actually going out there and living it! This is my goal for 39. The journey to 40 is going to be one hell of a ride and I hope you’ll come to join me in witnessing it!

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Since the arrival of Fit4Mom here in our local community of Niceville, FL, I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Body Back program. With my kiddos now in the pre-teen ages the other programs Fit4Mom offered just didn’t cut it for me. I love what Fit4Mom is all about and was looking for support and camaraderie, so when franchise owner, April Dokianos, contacted me and mentioned that the program was finally here I was like, HECK YES! Sign me up, friend!

For months I had been waiting and when we all gathered together that first night at Lion’s Park I was full of anticipation, excitement, and fear. Standing there right by the water’s edge with a group of women I had never met before my mind started with the inner dialogue of all sorts of questions. What was I to expect? How out of shape am I? Am I dressed appropriately? Do I have enough water? Am I going to die? Yes, I know. I think too much. It’s safe to say we all know the answer to that last question!


So what exactly is Body Back? It is an 8-week transformation program that targets your overall health and well being. This is done through the strengthening of not only your body but your mind. It begins with pre-fitness assessments so you are able to monitor your progress throughout your journey. There are two hour-long HIITs (High-Intensity Interval Training) per week, including various online workouts for you to do at home (or wherever you like, really) on the other days. Also included is a meal plan that is highly encouraged, as it focuses on healthier eating habits and a community Facebook page where we could turn to for support & encouragement. I soon learned that this would not only be a workout but total reset in lifestyle, which I accepted with arms wide open.

Our coach for our session was Alyssa. She was wonderful and she did not mess around! I found her to embody the right amount of tenderness and grit. We received most of our information, workouts, challenges etc. from her and through our group’s Facebook page. I really enjoyed her presence not only at our HIITs but in the online group as well. There was always something motivating, positive, and inspiring coming from her and of course our reminders to get our daily food diaries and water challenges done. If it wasn’t for her encouragement, I don’t think I would have made it through some of the HIITs!

To give you a better idea of what a HIIT workout consisted of I’ll give you the deets of our preview class. During this class, Alyssa explained that the workouts consisted of circuits and stations. She talked us through what we would expect and demonstrated each of the exercises. We would first do circuits that consisted of 1 min at each station then we would rotate. We would have 15 seconds between each station and we would go around until each station was complete and then rest for 2 min. We would then continue on that for a second round of 45 seconds at each station.

Now you are probably thinking. A minute? 45 seconds? Psshhh… I can do that! And truth be told, we all could. But after a few stations, we were definitely feeling it! Pair these exercises with our environment (it was really hot and humid those first few weeks), you got some good body conditioning going on. Not too long into our second round, I was sweating big time! I hardly ever sweat that much!!!

The first exercises were:



Kick Butt

Overhead Press


Fast Feet

The second round of exercises:

High Knees


Side Crunch


Donkey Kick

Sit Ups


Then we went on to do some light ab work. OMGoodness! No joke. Remember that question I asked previously, about whether or not I was in shape? I clearly was not!

Being a person who is a huge advocate for mind & spiritual growth I was particularly delighted by the closing of our HIIT workouts, and not because our butt kicking was over. At the end of our HIITs, we would lay on our mats and end our workout with a nice little meditation. Breathing, relaxation, mindfulness, affirmations…All that was missing on my end was some essential oils!! I found it to be the perfect way to get our heart rates down and reflect on what we had just accomplished.


GROUP SETTING I don’t know about you but I tend to do better in group settings. If I’m going to be completely honest, I’m the worst at motivating myself. Seriously. I’ve always found more success in group workouts or when I have a trainer. Lucky for me, Body Back had both. Also, did you know that group exercises are good for you? According to a study published in the Journal of Social Sciences, participants gravitate toward the exercise behaviors of those around them. When you see others in action it is really motivating for you to push yourself to your limits.

DIVERSE WORKOUTS I loved that every workout was different. The excitement of the something new was always there so there was no space for boredom. It also pushed our bodies more by focusing on the different workouts each day.

ACCOUNTABILITY AND SUPPORT  Knowing that there are others going through this same journey as you made me want to attend our bi-weekly gatherings. Plus, I didn’t want to look like the slacker girl who wasn’t pulling my weight. Even though I know no one was thinking that I felt like we were all in this together and didn’t want to let anyone down.  

Speaking of being it in together… There was one gal, Haley, in our group who was great a cheering people on. Talk about external motivation! One night we had a workout that was intense. Haley was not only there killing her workout but she was there motivating us, cheering us on, and giving high fives. I mean, it was pretty awesome. And it wasn’t just her, I felt that love from a few others. It’s how it should be; women supporting each other, being each other’s biggest cheerleaders! Amiright?!


I’m gonna be real here… this takes work. If you are seeking results then this is the program for you, but you have to put in the work. The wonderful thing is you have the support, community & guidance needed to get that work done. In addition to all that there is also the flexibility of the program with all of the online resources available to you. I’ve done many different workouts in my adult life and I can honestly say that this is one of the best ones I’ve joined and experienced.

I can’t sing this program’s praises enough. It really is something special, and it’s not just limited to moms. What?!! I don’t have to be a mom? Nope! That’s another great thing about Body Back, you don’t have to be a mom to participate. In fact, there were several ladies in our group who weren’t moms. One was a teacher who had gone through the program once before and returned because of the amazing results she had from going through it the first time.

But seriously, through this program, I realized that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was. Once I got control of my mind, it was amazing at what my body could do. And surrounded by a tribe of women seeking some of the same health goals as I cheering me on…cheering each other on…it was great to witness such a beautiful display of sisterhood through a transformational workout program.

Strength, supportive, encouraging, challenging, transformational, camaraderie…I’m happy to say I found a program that fully embodied who I wanted to be, not only as a person but as a mother.


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I’ve always felt somewhere stuck in the middle. I have friends who are either just having kids or I have friends whose kids are much older than mine. It’s very rare that I find someone that I click with whose kids are roughly the same age, and honestly, from my experience, it’s because we have our peeps. Who has time to meet new people and build new friendships? That’s kinda rhetorical because I do. I enjoy meeting new people. It’s a little disheartening that it seems to be so hard. I mean, I get it. People are comfortable, myself included. Trying to meet new people and make new friends…the struggle is real. It doesn’t come easy. Or maybe I’m just making excuses. I’d like to think it’s not about me, that I genuinely try, but maybe I don’t? Oh well.

I do miss the days when they were toddlers. Days of sitting in the park, going to mom groups, story time at the library, play dates – it was easier back then. They were cuter back then! Snapping their photos in cute little outfits, observing them doing something obnoxiously cute, sharing all over social media the cute thing they did or said… It’s kinda silly if you think about it, but yet we all do it. In some ways it could even be seen as unfair to the child, right? I mean, maybe they don’t want their photo plastered all over social media. Heck, for safety reasons we probably shouldn’t. But again, here we are. And now here I am still blogging about them. Except for these days, it looks slightly different.

These days I need their permission. Yup.

God forbid I share something honest and true. For instance the times they still act like toddlers. When they sass me and pretend they’ve lost their hearing and have become blind in the process of finding a sweater. That awkward age of still having a childlike sense of wonder and having a child’s heart, with wanting to fit in with their peers and talk about boys & girls, wear makeup, and play Fortnite. (That game, for the record is the bane of my existence! I never should have allowed a gaming system or a game in this house!)

I will say that there are still many moments where I find my kiddos to be as cute as when they were 3 & 4. Those in between moments caught between awkward tween and self-assured minis. When they still want to snuggle and love on me. When they let me take care of them and give me big hugs and an ” I love you, too!” back. I love the people they are becoming and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Still, where are the groups for us moms with tweens & teens? Why is it that we get together and share the difficulties about babyhood and toddlerhood and then go our separate ways? Leave each other to our own accord? Pretend that we’ve got this shit together, when (at least for me) there are many days when I don’t!  My little cute kiddos, they are growing up to be big littles with more attitude? I don’t know about you, but it hasn’t really gotten too much easier. In all fairness, someone once told me when they were little that it never got better, just worse. Thanks for that heads up, friend! I’m still not any more prepared and some days would love a circle of support to vent that to. Seriously.

And as someone who tries to be spiritually aligned and go with the flow at times, this whole raising tweens is seriously doing a number on my energy. Anyone else feel me on that?! I need ALLLL the extra smudgings, energy clearings, crystals etc. to raise my vibration after an intense evening of whose cleaning up and getting in the shower first. Even typing that makes me exhausted.

So where my peeps at? Who else finds raising tweens just as challenging? Let’s support each other through this stage of life and chat about it. Who’s with me?!

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Hey, hey, hey, everyone! If you would have asked me a couple of years ago where I saw myself in the next five years, I’m certain it wouldn’t have looked anything like this.  Sitting here, working from home, drinking coffee and telling you about my job as a leader with Young Living, as well as navigating the waters of starting a spiritually based business, yet here we are! Truth be told, I’ve never felt more aligned or in the flow as I do now.

So why Young Living and how Young Living?

I was first introduced to Young Living oils 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. To make a long story short- I loved essential oils and I felt that I was being guided to back to YL because of serendipitous circumstances. I eventually made my way back to YL about a year ago and was fairly certain from the beginning that I wanted to go all-in on the business side. However, the first 3 months though I kept questioning myself, as I am (or used to be) terrible with commitment and was terrified of letting other people down. However, those thoughts left as I started witnessing & experiencing the support of my team & community of oilers in the groups. I had found what I had been searching for! I truly believe I was divinely led… 🙏💖

These oils are life-changing, and I know we all say that, but D A M N… Because of these oils: I’ve gone off one of my medications I’ve been taking since I was 23, we have fewer DR visits, I’m able to help others, I’m growing more emotionally & spiritually, I’m bringing in extra income, I’ve been able to treat my kids to fun adventures without any help from my husband, I’m able to treat my husband more!, I’m making my home less toxic one product at a time, and I’m meeting & connecting with the most beautiful people all over the world! I’m now 100% sure, without a doubt, that I am meant to be here and to help spread this wellness & love.

I look forward to clearing more blocks with the help of this group and growing even more!! There are so many people who need these bottles of healing plant juice and I’m going to help them!

RCD bound 🙌 and so freakin’ excited to walk alongside all of you as you reach your goals!! Let’s do this!!!

*Funny little side note… many of my friends on FB thought Young Living was my new entrepreneurial adventure, because my last name is Young, and they didn’t know it was an actual company! 🤣

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I’m gonna begin this blog post by saying we’re all doing the best we can with what we have. With that said I still feel like I’m gonna perhaps offend someone, which is not my intention at all. Hence, we are all doing the best we can. These are just some thoughts I’ve been having and felt like sharing out loud.

I’m concerned about the foods that go into my kid’s bodies. I want healthier foods not only for myself but for my children, especially! This is my thought as my son slices up an apple this Thursday. Throwback Thursday for us here in the social media world, and since it’s Throwback Thursday I’m thinking of the trips, all the food adventures I’ve had with my kids. My goal was to raise little foodies, and I think I’ve done ok in that department. These days, though, with all that is changing, especially with how busy families can be and with meal times, I find myself wanting to raise kids that have healthier habits. It’s a work in progress. Especially now there are many more outside influences and two homes (3 if you count my parents) they spend their spare time at.

However, through all these years, there has been one constant. Not becoming their own personal chef at meal times here at home. No way, friends!

Here at home, I believe in feeding kids the same meals we (parents) are having. However, over the years I’ve become a tiny bit more lenient. For example, my daughter wants to try out vegetarianism. I didn’t go too out of my way to prepare her something else. She ate everything we did minus the meat. What I’m referring to here is preparing a whole entire meal for your kids. Or buying your kids their own pizza because they don’t like the toppings on yours. In fact, I did know someone who did this when we lived in CA. Now, I’m not trying to judge, you do you. (For the record I did judge more back then. Not proud of it.)  I just thought back then it was way absurd, and to this day still do!

Why do parents do this? Do we assume that kids can’t eat the same foods we do?

I notice this even in going out. Most kid menus have the standard, pizza, chicken nuggets, white pasta with butter, etc… We empower them to make choices and then present them with shitty choices? No thank you. And while on this topic, if you have a toddler can we just save everyone some time and you order for them? Please? Cool. Thanks! I mean, if they are two, you are the parent. Order the food for them.

I’m taken back to the time when my kids first ate escargot at a little Parisian bistro in Paris. Yes. Escargot are snails. And yes, they loved it. And yes, I ordered it for them. It was such a fun experience for all of us. And I get that this is a little extreme, not every parent is going to take their kid to Paris, but I’m feeling nostalgic because it’s throwback Thursday and man-oh-man how I wish I could go back in time.  Because here’s the thing, like I said before, more outside influences and now sometimes meals are more challenging with my daughter.  I don’t even know if she’d eat escargot now. But I do believe I gave her the tools in the building blocks on which to expand her food horizon. Ninety-five percent of the time she is still more than willing to try something instead of dismissing it all together.

So how did I do this? Will what I did work for you? Maybe. Maybe not. But I do have 5 ways on how you can help your child become a better eater.

  1. Start them young. Introduce a variety of foods, and preferably items that are less sweet at an early age.
  2. You are gonna have to deal with tantrums. There. I said it. We had a few rough meals when they were kids, but not many. Why? Because I didn’t prepare them special meals. They will eat it if they are hungry, and I’m sorry, but one missed meal does not mean your kids will starve.
  3. Eat as a family. Around the dinner table. The same things.
  4. Try everything. You can’t knock it till you’ve tried it.
  5. Continue exposing them to different foods. Especially at the school age level. That’s when peers & stronger will factor in.

I get that this could be a bit controversial. I can see how. I know some parents who swear by allowing their child to have picky appetites and not to force anything on them, and I get it. By no means am I trying to stifle their own individuality. If you think I am, well then we will have to agree to disagree. You do you, I do me. It’s still how we roll and it works for us.

But I’m curious and I encourage you to stop and think for a second…why is it ok to work on yourself, be the best version of you and not do the same for your child? Why do we do this? If we are to set an example, let’s set it. No matter how tough it is. I could go on and on about this topic. But seriously friends, do you do things out of ease or because you want better for your kids? What are your thoughts on this?

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