First of all, congratulations on taking that step towards health and wellness for you and your family. It is my hope and joy to provide you with the education and resources needed for you to truly benefit from the magic that these plants have to offer. They do work, my friends! But we have to consistently use them and not just turn to them when we are having an issue. Essential oils are here to keep you above the wellness line! Once you get a hang of that, you will really fall in love with your oils. Because when it comes down to it, it is such a simple way to begin shifting how we look at health and wellness. It is also such and empowering way! This gift from God… he’s provided you the way, you just have to lean in, trust, and use those oils.

So You Have Your Oils, Now What?

So you have your Premium Starter Kit, now what? First of all, I would go through the kit and open every single oil and take a big whiff of each of them. Find the ones that really call to you and start with those. Or maybe you got your kit for a specific reason. Kiddo needs more sleep? Go straight for the Lavender. Sleep, skin support, relaxation, want your room to smell good? Lavender is your girl!

Education Groups

So you’ve sniffed all your oils, now what? I suggest getting plugged into a few of our larger team groups. You can do that here, here and here. Be sure to read through pinned posts and feel free to ask questions. In these groups, you will learn of the many ways we use these oils in our day to day lives. When you hear someone say, “There’s an oil for that!” There really is!
Many of us are also on Instagram, so if Facebook is not your jam, you can find me here. I post a lot of information in my stories and share mini classes there too.

Oily Tool Kit

Below are several items and resources that have helped me in this oily journey. They are items I recommend for ease in use of oils, and if you are wanting to share with your friends and family, there are items to help with that as well. By the way, if you find that your friends and family are already intrigued by your sharing and asking how they can get oils, create your own link here and send it their way. If you are on Essential Rewards spending 100PV you can receive $50 to cover your oil expense all from sharing the love!

Veggie Capsules – to use Vitality oils internally

Fractionated Coconut Oil – to dilute for roller balls and veggie capsules

Roller Ball Bottles – to create a custom blend

1oz Amber Dropper Bottles – to sample fractionated coconut oil

Dram Sample Bottles – to share samples of 1 or 2 non-kit oils


Little Look Book – Includes roller ball and diffuser blend recipes, a page for each oil and details on other products

Starter Kit Magnet – tips for easy use of Starter Kit oils

Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide – a great reference guide that talks about oil safety and use basics

Essential Oil Pocket Reference Guide – a more comprehensive resource

We Love ER Flyer – Essential Rewards basics

Business Flyer – Young Living Business Opportunity Basics


Small Bags for Veggie Caps

6×8 Muslin Bags

8.5×12 Padded Envelope

Shipping Labels for

Printable Lid Labels for Dram Sample Bottles

Washi Tape

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What exactly is in your Premium Starter Kit?

Your Premium Starter Kit Includes:

🌹 Choice of Diffuser (dewdrop pictured)

Premium Essential Oils Collection;

💤 Lavender 5-ml

🌿 Peppermint Vitality™ 5-ml

🍋 Lemon Vitality™ 5-ml

💪 Copaiba Vitality™ 5-ml

🧘‍♀️ Frankincense 5-ml

💆‍♀️Thieves® Vitality™ 5-ml

🍊 Citrus Fresh 5-ml

👃 Raven™ 5-ml

🍕 DiGize Vitality™ 5-ml

🏃‍♂️ PanAway® 5-ml

🛀 Stress Away™ 5-ml

✨ AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment

💧 Sample of Thieves Household Cleaner

🍒 2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples

✨ Product Guide and Product Price List

✨ Essential Oil Magazine

✨ Member Resources – Our members-only community and FB groups!


Ready to join my team? Go here!

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It’s been a month since I had my last alcoholic beverage. I’m quite proud! I decided to give this whole ‘no drinking alcohol’ journey a try to support my husband who decided to quit drinking for good. I also wanted to do it for diet & health reasons. I knew it would be easier to accomplish the latter with the lack of alcohol in the home, because of Matt’s decision.

In the beginning I told most everyone I spoke that I didn’t plan on giving up alcohol for good, that I was just doing it to be a supportive wife, but the past two weeks have me thinking that it may not be so bad to never have alcohol again. After all, I am feeling really good! I’m also starting to realize this can be my own personal journey. One that is separate from what I had initially thought it would be. One that doesn’t have to do with Matt.

I’m not entirely sure what that looks like, but for now it is feeling really good. All around, it’s getting better. Sleep is better. Being awake is better. My relationship with Matt is a little better. Switching things up and how we spend our time together is feeling good. Even when we disagree now, how we handle our disagreements feels better and even looks better. Oh Man- It’s been a bumpy road. And we have had one too many disagreements that have led to drunken-state fights. I’m not proud of that. But I’m beginning to see a little more clearer where my faults lie and where I’m to blame. So yeah….

this all looks and feels pretty damn good. I’m curious to see how everything shifts even more with the kids back home. 🙏🏼🤞🏼But for now and until then (striving for longer!) I choose the #drylife.

To celebrate here is a delicious “Paleo Fable.” This is my version of the non-alcoholic mocktail, Rosemary-Blueberry Smash, found in my Against All Grain cookbook. Make it for yourself. It’s refreshing!

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Happy Birthday, little brother.  Normally on this day, I would celebrate you, but in the last 3 years, I find that today is a day of incredible mourning for me. Today is the day that I grieve. Not the day you crossed over. It’s interesting & funny how my mind works and how my thoughts process.
You should be here, my sweet brother. Oh- You should be here! You left us way too soon. And while I do realize the gift of you, and how you blessed us all when you when you entered this world 37 years ago, my heart hurts so much that it was such a short life. No matter how sweet. It was still much too short. All the gratitude and positivity can’t help heal this broken, sad heart. Today, out of all days, I’m reminded of that the most. Today I allow myself to cry & feel it all. Today is when I miss you the most.

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These oils are rocking my world and some would say that my enthusiasm for them is just too much. To those people, I give a side eye and disapprovingly say, ‘REALLY?’ I mean, seriously.

They have changed my life!! I’m not even joking here.

I want them to change yours too.

I decided in August of 2017 I was going to get back to using essential oils and honestly didn’t even know where to start or how to make that happen. I knew of a friend that used oils and so I reached out to her.

Wanna know a secret? They weren’t Young Living oils.

Truth be told, I honestly didn’t even want to use those oils. I had tried them YEARS ago and guess what?! I STILL HAVE THEM. (I now keep them to show others for comparison) My point is, I didn’t use them. Something didn’t sit right with me, and we can go into that some other time, but all I know is that I REALLY didn’t want to use those oils again. But I knew I wanted essential oils. I felt a calling as if I needed them. (Which I did!) And I knew I wanted to go into the business side of things as well.

After reaching out to her we could never connect. She would miss my call, I would miss hers… messages didn’t get to me in a timely manner. Basically, the divine stepped in, and am I ever so happy she did! The universe had my back on this one and I know wholeheartedly now that it was all part of a bigger plan.

Between all the back and forth I started seeing a woman (who I now consider a dear mentor and friend who’s online course I had previously taken) start posting on Facebook about Young Living oils. I knew of Young Living!! I loved their stuff. I used Gentle Baby when I was pregnant with my daughter 12 years ago! My chiropractor in St. Louis used them. That was the company I wanted to be with. The company I NEEDED to be with! So I messaged her and not even 30 min later she messaged me back, we connected and I bought my Premium Starter Kit about 2 days later.

Now here I am, months later, still feeling the power of Young Living’s 2018 International Convention that I attended in Utah, and just felt the need to share that these oils are rocking my world.

If you are feeling called to look into a more natural way of being or you are searching for purpose, wellness and abundance, well…you’ve come to the right spot. I would love to connect and chat with you about ALLL things oil.

I would love to help you get started on your oily journey and have these oils rock your world too!

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Every month is tough after a loved one passes. At least, that’s how it is for me… June is especially tough because his birthday is on the 19th.

I reflect a lot on the “what if’s” and the “what could have been.” The grief can pop up from out of nowhere and overwhelm me so much that tears start rollin’ down my cheeks. Driving in my car, at the grocery store, having dinner, at the beach, working… It happens more often now that I’m back in my hometown. Living in the home we spent many of our years growing up in. I’m flooded with memories of all the joy and heartache, and I know there is still a lot for me to process and sort through.

I try my best to stay upbeat. I’m alive after all! And there is so much joy in my life. But I really miss him. I hate that he was taken from us so suddenly. I hate that I wasn’t here to help him. I hate that I was gone so many years. I hate that I’m back and eager to leave again. But most of all I hate that he is no longer physically here. I can’t text or call him. I can’t cook with him. I can’t eat his delicious meals. I can’t seek his advice. I can’t sing karaoke with him. I can’t hang with him and our kiddos. 😢Oh – the kiddos. They love and miss him so!

I hate to hate. I know he’s up there doing all he couldn’t here. I know when I’m doing my ugly, heavy cries he is near. His spirit is always near. I’ve felt it and have heard him.

Today is just one of those days.

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When you find out that your daughter had a super rough day at school and her heart hurts because “friends” are being unkind, and you are not quite sure how to support her… then you realize you have everything you need.

An ear to listen. Arms to hug her. Encouraging words to help guide her. A mother’s love that lets her know you care and WILL step in if things get worse. And plant allies.

Grounding to help keep me centered.

Release on her heart & liver for her anger and pent up feelings.

Joy diffused in our home to help support both our hearts.

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