Here is a grounding meditation for you to enjoy.

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As a child, I’ve always been interested in the unknown and had many, many questions. I always felt like something was off and was super inquisitive of things in my upbringing, specifically with things I learned at Sunday school at my Catholic church. I could really go in deep with all of these thoughts that I had as a child, but let’s save all that for another post, shall we?

I do want to share a few things to shed some light on my path, though. At some point in my childhood, I decided I wanted to connect with spirits. I was on a mission. I was on a path of exploration. I found out a friend had a Ouija board and so I played around with that for a few years. I was always drawn to cemeteries and would find myself visiting them and trying to imagine the lives of the people and in some way thought that by reading their tombstone I was honoring them by acknowledging them at that moment. I bought my first deck of Tarot cards in high school, Rider-Waite, and tried reading for friends with a solid feeling I knew what I was doing – even though nothing made sense to me. I even spent many years exploring spells & potions and would hold circles with my best friend and her sisters. All of this while still very active with church, living at home, and very much to my mom’s disapproval.

At the time, I never really knew why I was so interested in this, just that I knew that there was more to life than meets the eye. What I was learning at church didn’t quite resonate. Fast forward to my 20’s when I almost lost my life and then my 30’s when my brother, Adrian, lost his. These two huge events were catalysts for change and for desperation to once again seek that spiritual aspect of my life I’ve longed for most of my life. It was Adrian’s death that was my massive wake-up call and also propelled me on a path that I now know I’ve been on for a while, I had just forgotten. Not so much my awakening, but my remembering.

And while I’m still very much doing the work (I don’t think it ever stops), I now know I’m here to help others. Things I had questions to as a child finally makes sense. With every step of my journey and with every connection I make, it is all just one more piece of the puzzle. With the help of others who walk this path, those who have helped me to remember, all the deep work I’ve been doing and massive shifts that have occurred, I know that it has finally come around full circle.

I have found things that truly connect for me and I want that for others. My desire to also be able to help others realize the light inside them, no matter what hardships they have been through or are currently going through if I am able to walk alongside them and help guide them in their remembering, their awakening, that is why I am here on Earth. Helping others realize their truth and worth is why I am still on this journey. I know how much healing I’ve gone through the past 5-6years and I want that for others.

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Ah, a new month. There’s something in the air. Something besides the smell of the breakfast I recently made. Is it love? A fresh start? There’s definitely an uplifting electric energy about. I am diffusing nutmeg right now, maybe it’s the high vibes from that? Did you know that nutmeg can give you a little pep in your step? It’s true, but let’s save all that for another day.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’m definitely feeling some high vibes. I’m super excited for this month. I’ve got a lot going on! I don’t feel overwhelmed about it at all. I feel PUMPED! I’ve got two mentorship groups that I’ve committed to that started this month and I’m also making a commitment to myself to practice meditation every day this month and to practice gratitude.

Who else is excited for the month? What are you most excited for?

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These past couple of months I’ve been kind of in isolation mode. Really trying to figure things out. Trying to get aligned not only with my spiritual practice and health & wellness, but also with the people I surround myself with.

There’s that saying, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” but in my mentorship group we say “Your tribe attracts your vibe.” I’ve noticed since moving back home that a lot of my “tribe” has been doing the same old thing. That’s fine and all but that’s not who I am anymore, and I was really feeling the disconnect. I’m not trying to pass judgement on them, to each their own, I say, but I don’t feel like I was getting that same vibe back. I was being judged for the things I’m currently embarking on right now. And again, that’s cool – kinda. I get to choose if I want to surround myself with those peeps and to make a long story short, I’m choosing not to.

Thinking about that these past few days has made me think of my why. Why am I doing the things I am doing. Why am I marching to the beat of a different drum, one that many are turning their noses up at?

Freedom, Wellness, Purpose, & Abundance

Since my kiddos were born I’ve been seeking a different kind of life. One that allows me to have all that I desire. I know I’ve been told many times that as a mother I cannot have that. My life should “be all about the kids.” No thank you. We are gonna have to agree to disagree on that one. While I love my kids and will do anything for them, I refuse to lose myself in the process. Who out there feels me on this? I won’t go into all the detail here in this post on the countless times I’ve had this happen, and why should I focus on all that negative energy. It doesn’t do anyone any good!

No today I’m going to share a few of my whys. Why I’ve decided to focus on growing my spiritual based business as well as my Young Living business and not go out and get a “real” job. Why I’ve decided to make these two things my main source of income and anything else a PT endeavor to help supplement me on my journey. So without further ado and because I know you are dying to know… Why are you doing this silly, hard, thing?

Why, Joie?

I AM doing this to help support my family. I AM doing this so my husband will be able to quit his job one day and live out his dreams. I AM showing my kids that you can do anything you put your mind to. I AM setting a good example. I AM proving that you don’t have to give in to this idea of how a woman should live her life after having children. Everyone should know you can still achieve ALL your dream; all of them, no matter how silly, extravagant, & misunderstood they may be for some. No matter if you are a mother. In fact, work a bit harder because you are. You can do this at any age. (I’m going to be 40 this year, y’all!) You are allowed to embody your full, true self and present that to the world whenever you damn well feel like it. I AM showing that we as mothers make the best entrepreneurs. I AM living out my purpose. I AM doing what I committed to- my life contract. I AM helping others. I AM guiding others to realize and take hold of their sparks and see that they too can live a life fully aligned. I AM making my imprint here on Earth less wasteful and more purposeful. I AM living life out on my terms. I AM creating my own schedule. I AM believing in what I do. I AM loving what I do. I AM living my life to the fullest to the best of my ability, with the opportunities that have presented themselves. I AM taking full advantage, because I know all too well how some don’t get that chance, that opportunity, so I’m not letting this gift from God go to waste.

This is why I do what I do. And while it may slightly change over the next few months/years, one thing remains constant – I AM made to do this and I will succeed. And when I do, no one will ask me “why?,” instead the question they will ask me is “HOW?!”

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Today I noticed the number 4. Everywhere I went the number four was waving his little hands at me. “Hey take notice!” Don’t worry, I do! More often than not though, I see repetitive numbers. Have you ever wondered what it meant to see repeating numbers as you go about your day? You glance at the clock. 11:11. You are driving down the highway. 55mph. You notice an address on the side of the street 8888 Tennessee Ct. A local billboard that has been in your town for forever is just now catching your eye and it has the numbers 444.

What Does This All Mean?!

There are different directions to go when it comes to numbers and repetitive numbers. Numerology, Life Path numbers, Angel meanings, just to name a few. To narrow it down, and what I tend to focus on the most, is what type of energy the number holds and Angel meanings. However, I find it all so very interesting. How many of you have ever explored numerology? How many of you know what numerology is? Well, according to Wikipedia, Numerology “is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.” A good online source I like to go for all things numerology is  But for the focus of this blog post, the relationship I talk about in the next paragraph is the one with Angels. My main person, and friend, is Gina Nicole. Another source I trust for all my Angel knowledge is Ask-Angels.

The Angels Are Speaking to You

No seriously, they are. Nothing in this world is a coincidence. It is all synchronistic, and truly, you are noticing these things for a reason. The Angels are trying to grab your attention. They want you to take notice and be aware. They are also probably nudging you to take action. But the main reason they are giving you signs – to remind you that you are not alone, that you are loved. That they are there for you to call on. So go on, call on them, they are ready to help guide and provide for you!

So what can you do when you see these numbers? First off, take a deep breathe and offer your thanks. “Thank you, Angels, for the beautiful sign.” Angels enjoy the recognition every now and then. At least, that’s what they have told me! And while we can explore this topic and subject in great detail, I will go over simply & briefly what each number represents to me and how I use it to help guide and support me. Maybe it will resonate with you for you to use in your daily life. But as I was taught, and will continue to share wholeheartedly, there are NO RULES. Feel into what these numbers represent and mean to YOU.


Just to reiterate, the following is how I interpret these numbers in the simplest of ways. Also, to clarify, I focus more on a singular meaning when I see the same single number over and over. If I keep seeing the same numbers in a repetitive sequence, I also know the Angels are really giving me the sign to take action!

1- I AM presence. Divine connection. Manifestation! Visually I think of my energy connection, a beam of light, to the Divine and to my higher self.

2 – Partnership. The duality of self. It also signifies that our Angels are very near to us and they are ready to assist.

3 – Connection & Growth. It also symbolizes the beginning of good things to come or at least new beginnings. I also associate it with union and unity and how it can also relate to the Holy Trinity. On a visual level, I immediately think of the number 8. 8 is significant to me because of my brother, so aligned with that, I see the 3 as one side of a pair of wings and think of spirit. This connects for me with the Holy Trinity and the Holy Spirit. 

4 – Represents balance, perhaps even an unbalance. Take a minute and tune in. How do you feel? This is a sign to get grounded into one’s space. This also signifies that a decision needs to be made. Perhaps you are at a crossroads of some sort? Visually the 4 reminds me of crossroads and that imbalance. Make a decision to choose which path to walk at that given time.

5 -CHANGES. When I see the number 5, I know things are shifting. Repeating 5’s? Big changes, my friend! Tune in and get grounded!

6 – Who else grew up with the narrative that sixes are bad? Especially 666? These days I am delighted to see a 6. The number 6 to me is reminding me to take notice and pause. It also represents two things coming together to create, continuing those changes that have recently presented itself.

7 – Level UP!!! This number reminds me that some serious up-leveling is happening and that the Angels are taking notice too. It’s their way of saying, I see you and you are amazing! With that said, it is a reminder to also be ready for the big up-leveling one is destined for.

8 – The number eight is a very special number to me indeed. It holds the energy of an ending and a beginning. Infinity! It very much represents spirit to me and the action that we know is going on, but cannot physically see.

9 – Moving forward. The continuation of what you’ve already started. Clearing out and making way for the new. Visually it reminds me of a flower, as it starts to grow and lift its bud and petals, releasing that which doesn’t serve it to blossom into something even more beautiful.

0 – Continuation. Coming full circle. Never ending. It reminds me that we are all connected and whole. Visually I think of a ring or a circle. I know a few people who also visually related it to an egg, and an egg to me represents life and rebirth, which is all part of the cycle.

Again, this is all just a short explanation of what numbers are for me. For those of you into numerology and Angel meanings. What do these numbers signify and represent for you?

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Resolution or Intention

I’m not big on the whole resolution thing. I know, I know… resolution and intention pretty much mean the same thing, but for me, an intention seems less daunting. Also, when I think of the word resolution the first thing that comes to mind is resolving something. What could I possibly need to resolve at the beginning of a new year? I find it a little counteractive in terms of planning for a new year. I’m already doing a bit of reflecting, I don’t want to spend too much of my time in the past gearing up for the future. I’m not sure if that even makes sense really, but in my mind it does, so just humor me and go along with my thought process. Please and thank you!

The older I get, the more I realize that everything is a learning experience where hopefully I’ve grown from my experiences. Therein lies the shift of thought for me; instead of resolving something, I’m intending to do some new things and continue on improving on some things I’ve already started. I wrote down quite a bit in my meditation this morning, but I thought it would be fun to share a few of them here with you. So without further ado…

My 2019 Intentions

  • BLOG MORE – My desire to write and share often comes at the most inopportune times. Times where I feel like the thoughts and ideas just need to just come out but I have no means to do so. This causes me to freak out a bit because my memory these days aren’t what they used to be. I need to jot these bursts of thoughts down, record it in my voice memo, type it in my notes… put it somewhere! I often feel that if I don’t save the first few ideas down, the things I have to share aren’t so good. The good stuff should come easily, right? It is my intention going forward to not make excuses on why I can’t share. Get over the fear of what people may think and my own self-judgment and just say, eff it, and post anyway. And since I mentioned judgment, my next intention is…
  • JUDGE LESS – I hate to admit it, but my inner judge Judy pops outta nowhere sometimes and it makes me sad. She’s much sassier and snarkier than the real judge Judy and can be a complete bitch. It’s an ongoing work in progress with my shadow side to put her in her place. Because who am I to judge? Who are any of us, really? But I am human and certain events & people in my life conditioned me to react in a certain way, so, unfortunately, it happens sometimes. Happy to say that I now realize it quickly and can take a few steps back, but still. There’s no need for that. And it’s an ugly place to be and come from. Love is the only thing I wish to bestow upon others. Not my skewed view/opinion.
  • TRAVEL MORE MINDFULLY – I traveled a lot last year. It was one of my intentions going into 2018. I put out into the universe and we made it happen. I love it so much! Looking back at all my photos over the past year made me realize how extremely blessed I am. But in those travels, I didn’t prepare for a couple of big trips at the end of the year I wanted to take. So the intention for next year, more mindful travel. Saving up for two bigger trips. After all, I’m on my way to 40. Gotta celebrate big when that day comes. Right?!
  • INTEGRATION – As someone who follows all these spiritual social media accounts, I often wonder how many of the spiritual advisors/mentors I see actually do the shit they say. (For the record, the ones I know who do and share with integrity are the ones I turn to for my own development.) I wonder this because of my own personal journey and how there is so much I don’t share because I’m really mindful of trying to remain in the moment. There are times when that doesn’t call for a photo opp to later be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And don’t get me wrong, I too myself do this occasionally. But what I’m getting at is when I do, I’m not fully present. I’m not integrating. And I really want to integrate all that I share. The things I’m wishing not only for myself but for others. Do many others feel the same? Hopefully so. However, I realize social media is a beast and sometimes people talk the talk without walking the walk. I hope to not get so sucked in by the beast. I was put on this earth to lead and help. So I’m here to do the work. Not just wear my mala and post cute photos of my tarot card and call it a day. And if you are one of those people who do that – you do you.
  • Which leads me to this…HONESTY. I hope I’m not coming across the wrong way. That certainly isn’t my intention. (Although, while proofreading it does sound a bit judgy. Le sigh…) But I am speaking from my heart and being honest. I definitely want to do more of that this year, be more honest. Honest with others, myself, my thoughts… honesty all across the board.
  • BOUNDARIES – I’ve already set up so many healthy boundaries for myself, but I want to take it a bit further. There are people in my life who are total energy suckers. I can’t give in to that anymore. There are also those who I’ve genuinely tried to build connections with and for whatever reason have not respected my time. I don’t have time for that either! I’m going to be pickier when it comes to how and with who I spend my time and energy this year.
  • GET ORGANIZED WITH MY BUSINESS – In my role as an educator with Young Living and with moving forward as a spiritual advisor, I plan on getting things done. This means I need to get myself super organized! This also means I need to spend more time using social media for work and IPAs, and not waste my time mindlessly scrolling. A BEAST I tell you!!
  • BALANCE – That’s my overall theme for this year. It came to me many times in meditation over the past few weeks. At first, when the word popped up I was like, that can’t be it, balance is just an excuse, right? Plus, I wanted something a little fancier! However, I’m not fancy and simple is another theme in life that has presented itself so balance it is. Balance in all areas of my life and within myself. And it is so!

So these are just a few of my intentions for 2019. I feel really good about it all. I feel really good about 2019! Anyone else excited for the upcoming year? What intentions have you set for yourself?

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What if I do all the things that bring me joy? All the things I’ve still been holding back on, what if I just did them?! Seriously. What if we all just totally switched up what we did and just lived our lives the way we really wanted?

This, in a nutshell, is the general thought I’ve been having the past few days. As I begin my 39th year and journey towards the fantastic forties, the thought occurred to me that I should do all the things I’ve been wanting to do and document it. In part to hold myself accountable by sharing, but also to see the progress I may or may not make during the year.

As I sat in my room the other day reflecting on how much my life has changed and in which areas it has remained the same got my mind spinning. I was really excited to turn 30. I had so many BIG plans. Honestly, I experienced so many wonderful things in my 30’s, however, I’ve still held back with so much. Why is that? How is it that I get so comfortable and complacent? It’s one of the things I put up a big fuss over, and yet here we are. The same. It sorta feels like groundhog day…

Can anyone else relate? Who else is searching for more meaning in their life? Who else is yearning for that something more? Knowing that you are meant for bigger and better things. To give. To help. To heal. To live this life with so much adventure and love!

What is it that holds you back? Why do we make excuses for ourselves instead of living in the moment and living our best lives? Fear. Let’s not let fear run this show. Truly. Let’s not just talk about it not running the show, but actually going out there and living it! This is my goal for 39. The journey to 40 is going to be one hell of a ride and I hope you’ll come to join me in witnessing it!

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