Intuitive Session

Feeling overwhelmed by life and/or anxious in your day to day? Maybe you know what you need to do but need a little more insight? Or perhaps you are seeking guidance with how to manage some strong emotions you are experiencing at this time?

A one on one session with me can help you find more clarity, confidence, and support.


Friend, you are divinely supported and guided. Most importantly you have access to this support at all times. It’s easy to forget. Many of us spend lifetimes trying to remember. My goal is to help you awaken and remember in this lifetime.

That inner voice, your heart’s whispers… those are nudges from the divine waiting on you to call for them. My work helps you dive in, connect, and trust. I would be honored to walk alongside you and help guide you to feeling more centered, balanced, and clear.

Your intuitive session is tailored to you and can consist of the following:

  • Energy Clearing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Angel Card Readings
  • Emotional Releasing with Essential Oils & Movement
  • Intuitive Messaging
  • Sound Healing