Pre-recorded Video Angel Tarot Reading

Pre-recorded video Angel Tarot readings are a great way to experience an Angel Tarot reading without leaving your home!

Why choose video Tarot reading?

Witnessing first-hand the Tarot experience.
Being face to face is important for many and this allows that opportunity.
Access to your video to watch over and over again as needed.
Watch the video on your phone, computer, mobile device in whatever and wherever you feel most comfortable.

The process:

You may book your session through my website. As soon as I receive the email for your appointment I will then email you with payment options and ask you to send me your question. Once your payment is received you will receive an email back within 3-4 working days that will include your reading. I will also immediately send a photo of the spread and or other important photos or documents related to the reading.

How do I work with your energy?

When I go to sit with the intention of reading I look over your question or situation and start tuning in to your energy. Sometimes I will reach out and ask you for a number, sometimes I will not. During the meditation and tuning in I will start to feel your energy. Once I discern that I’m tuned in I will start shuffling the cards and do a card pull. The spread I pull will typically be determined right beforehand as I start clearing the space to make room for your energy & reading.

I am mindful and respect your space and take special care to only tune in when allowed and only during the session that is scheduled. I do not tune in without your permission. I also use a lot of my energy to connect with you, the guidance that wants to come through, and the situation and/or question at hand. Each person’s reading is different and I do what feels right at the moment and what I feel guided to. Your reading is done with integrity and is a highly intuitive reading that helps guide you to open yourself up to more of the situation, problem or the solution. For more information about my readings, please click on FAQ.

What will you receive?

You will receive high quality 20-30 min pre-recorded Tarot video via a private/unlisted link on YouTube so that you can download and watch it anytime and anywhere.