“I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to stuff like this. Getting my first ever reading was definitely a better experience than I ever expected. Joie was super easy to communicate with and made me feel so at ease. The reading lasted about an hour, during which she read cards that gave me an all-around portrayal of my life and experiences. I felt very comfortable and she made sure I understood every card and it’s meaning before she went on. I honestly had a very good time and would do it again.” ~Jill W.

“I had the opportunity to meet with Chrisnelle for a session and it was truly an incredible experience.  She comes from a family of healers and it’s evident in the ease of her practice. Chrisnelle flowed through our meeting together in an intuitive manner that felt very natural and unforced. The peaceful meditation that she guided me though to start, integration of essential oils and sound bath all fit perfectly with what I needed that morning.  I would expect that no two sessions are alike as she is divinely guided to offer whatever her client needs to receive in that moment. What was unique for me was how I felt part of the healing experience. It allowed me to tap into my own intuition and energy in ways that I was able to carry with me and continue to grow upon. I would highly recommend Chrisnelle for anyone embarking on a spiritual journey. She is full of love and light. Her passion for healing and spreading that to others radiates through all that she is and does. Just bring in her presence brings feelings of peace and comfort. Thank you for an amazing experience Chrisnelle. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.” ~ Amy J.

When I say I was gifted with the grace of sound healing by Chrisnelle, I feel this truth. First off to say, after too many years of not paying attention to who I let in and trusting too easy, I am now particular who I let into my energy field.I say with full confidence it is a pleasure to be able to have distant work with Chrisnelle. Firstly, she is such a love. So accepting, loving, and nurturing.I love surprises, and it is a total treasure to be on the receiving end of her sound healing, because it’s a surprise what will show up! While listening to my recorded session, I have experienced everything from informative reflections, deep relaxation, and also energy activations. While I never know what may be waiting for me, I am confident that whatever my body and spirit need in the moment, Chrisnelle’s sound healing brings out.Finally, Chrisnelle has a very sweet and unique way of delivering her messaging and work. It is fun and also synchronistic to see the message that awaits you when completed with the sound journey!I am looking forward to see what unfolds in my results in the days to come! ~Gina B.

Chrisnelle Joie is a gifted guide into healing.  Using her intuition and her bowls, she created a journey of healing for me.  Her guidance in how to use the personal recording gave me the information I that helped me get the most from my sound bath healing.  The information she provided about her experience in creating the session gave me more information in my own integration of healing.  As an added bonus – the oil recommendation and card interpretation expanded the experience for me.  I feel more fully “me” after my experience with the Sound Healing Bath she provided for me.  I love that I can use this at my own convenience whenever I choose. ~ Deb Nussbaum

My sound healing with Chrisnelle was a beautiful and incredibly healing experience. She is a natural and there is no question that she is being guided during her healing – it comes straight from her soul. I have done a few sound bath healings with her – one 1-1 and group. With each experience, I felt lighter, I felt release, I felt the sound and vibration moving through my chakras and my body. I slept so good those nights and recommend this healing with Chrisnelle to everyone! Her calming voice, caring soul, and beautiful sound bowls welcomes you to embrace all that happens during your healing. ~ Amy Meyer