First of all, congratulations on taking that step towards health and wellness for you and your family. It is my hope and joy to provide you with the education and resources needed for you to truly benefit from the magic that these plants have to offer. They do work, my friends! But we have to consistently use them and not just turn to them when we are having an issue. Essential oils are here to keep you above the wellness line! Once you get a hang of that, you will really fall in love with your oils. Because when it comes down to it, it is such a simple way to begin shifting how we look at health and wellness. It is also such and empowering way! This gift from God… he’s provided you the way, you just have to lean in, trust, and use those oils.

So You Have Your Oils, Now What?

So you have your Premium Starter Kit, now what? First of all, I would go through the kit and open every single oil and take a big whiff of each of them. Find the ones that really call to you and start with those. Or maybe you got your kit for a specific reason. Kiddo needs more sleep? Go straight for the Lavender. Sleep, skin support, relaxation, want your room to smell good? Lavender is your girl!

Education Groups

So you’ve sniffed all your oils, now what? I suggest getting plugged into a few of our larger team groups. You can do that here, here and here. Be sure to read through pinned posts and feel free to ask questions. In these groups, you will learn of the many ways we use these oils in our day to day lives. When you hear someone say, “There’s an oil for that!” There really is!
Many of us are also on Instagram, so if Facebook is not your jam, you can find me here. I post a lot of information in my stories and share mini classes there too.

Oily Tool Kit

Below are several items and resources that have helped me in this oily journey. They are items I recommend for ease in use of oils, and if you are wanting to share with your friends and family, there are items to help with that as well. By the way, if you find that your friends and family are already intrigued by your sharing and asking how they can get oils, create your own link here and send it their way. If you are on Essential Rewards spending 100PV you can receive $50 to cover your oil expense all from sharing the love!

Veggie Capsules – to use Vitality oils internally

Fractionated Coconut Oil – to dilute for roller balls and veggie capsules

Roller Ball Bottles – to create a custom blend

1oz Amber Dropper Bottles – to sample fractionated coconut oil

Dram Sample Bottles – to share samples of 1 or 2 non-kit oils


Little Look Book – Includes roller ball and diffuser blend recipes, a page for each oil and details on other products

Starter Kit Magnet – tips for easy use of Starter Kit oils

Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide – a great reference guide that talks about oil safety and use basics

Essential Oil Pocket Reference Guide – a more comprehensive resource

We Love ER Flyer – Essential Rewards basics

Business Flyer – Young Living Business Opportunity Basics


Small Bags for Veggie Caps

6×8 Muslin Bags

8.5×12 Padded Envelope

Shipping Labels for

Printable Lid Labels for Dram Sample Bottles

Washi Tape